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But… If you’re hungry for more right now, then here’s some juicy stuff that you might like to jump into to right away. 

For art lovers

McGregor's lodge

My currently available, original paintings and

My high quality limited edition prints

For anyone who loves to paint


a painting time-lapse video of me painting and

come learn to paint with me..

For aspiring creative entrepreneurs

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a favourite blog post about tips for a bad day in the studio and

a vlog about getting prints made

Let me introduce myself..


My story in a nutshell and 

A podcast interview with me Generally how I came to be doing this crazy experiment called ‘being an artist’. Why we should leave being fearless to toddlers and how to be sustained by the beauty of imperfection.

and finally..

A little something to feed to the soul


One of my all time favourite interviews with the poet Mary Oliver.

I’m looking forward to sharing the road with you. Stay tuned. There’s more goodness on the way…

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