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How I got from nursing puppies to minding celebrities and eventually.. to art.



I grew up surrounded and immersed in a family of talented artists. It was something I took for granted. I thoroughly enjoyed a different kind of life for many years. Starting with graduating from Veterinary Nursing at Berkshire Royal College of Agriculture, followed by time living in London before returning to Ireland and settling into a career in Marketing and Customer Relations. I love customers and I love to communicate (I’m Irish, we love to talk) so I took to this career like a duck to water.

Maybe the stars aligned

Then everything changed. Maybe the stars aligned or maybe the universe spoke to me but actually a couple of important, and not so nice, things hit me – hard. My sprightly Nana (96) passed away and the company I worked for went bust.


My Nana had something of a rediscovery of life in her 70’s. She began travelling around the world in her 80’s and had her first short stories published shortly after. She showed me that it’s never too late and her achievements became part of the story of what the women in my family can do when they just go ahead and take the first step.

So, I did!

How I created my dream career

I took a year out (well I was pushed!) and I painted, like a job, everyday! I concentrated on technique and didn’t worry about voice. I set up a little blog and started talking to the internet (in other words my mother!). I worked hard and learned even harder.


Before the year was out my first gallery found me (that’s a whole story on it’s own) and I haven’t looked back. Starting a creative business based on a passion for painting in a global economic recession might seem foolhardy, but by end of year one I was breaking even and making a living by the end of year two.

I now exhibit widely in established galleries in the Uk, Ireland and occasionally in the US.

I am also still talking, that will never stop!

I teach folks who also love to paint, how to paint better and how to nurture their creativity and I’m passionate about helping artists and creative entrepreneurs to get their business mojo going.


I live in Co. Wicklow, Ireland, 5 mins from the sea and 15 mins from the mountains, with my two daughters and my house staff (the dog & cat). And.. I am happy out. (Irish for happy)


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