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The mystery and adventure of life, an interview with Joe Henry 

a walk in the magic hour

A walk in the magic hour
Oil on canvas 60x60cm €1,950
Available to view at The gallery Kinsale


Between The Lights – Solo Show at The Hayfield Manor Hotel, Cork.

I will be in Cork next Saturday week, September 17th, to open a solo show at the Hayfield Manor Hotel (and curated by The Gallery Kinsale) and for a relaxed ‘meet the artist’ from 6pm to 8pm. If you are about, pop in and say hi.

More info on the show next week.

The Mystery and Adventure of Life and Songwriting

I listened to this interview for the ‘On being’ podcast with the musician Joe Henry and I thought you might like to listen too.

I was struck, as I often am, by how the thoughts and processes of the musician are so similar to my own, even though painting and music are such different creative forms.

In particular, he mentions where he “might write something that’s deliberately a little awkward to slow listeners and readers down so that they don’t just blaze through it like they’re reading a grocery list.”

And I thought, wow, I do that too! I will purposely allow a line to remain a little askew or a perspective slightly a kilter, so long as it doesn’t distract too much. It allows for something that I wouldn’t like to think unsettles but rather awakens the eye.

Anyway, it’s a lovely conversation. Click here to listen to him talking to Krista Tippet. There’s a short version and a longer unedited version, both good.


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Joe Henry
In life as in song, Joe Henry says “we’re really called not to dispel mystery but to abide it, to engage it.” He brings an inward wisdom to the art and craft of making music. Cherished by fans and fellow musicians alike, he’s produced a dozen albums of his own and for an array of artists, including Ani DiFranco, Elvis Costello, Bonnie Raitt, Allen Toussaint, and Billy Bragg. And he’s written songs together with Rosanne Cash and Madonna. With Joe Henry, we probe the mystery and adventure of discovering life through music.



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