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Consumed by curiosity & Five books to get your creative juices flowing this summer.

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Consumed by curiosity
Oil on canvas 100x150cm €5,900
Available to view at The Killarney Art Gallery

Five books to get your creative juices flowing this summer

Fancy dipping into something that will inspire you creatively? I’ve selected five books from my bookshelves to do just that! Bear with me, it’s an eclectic collection and not everything will grab your fancy but you just might find something you might not have otherwise picked up. And don’t even have to break the bank as much of this kind of stuff can be found in that second-hand that you know you’ll look cool coming out of.

5 books for summer

One. Colouring Book Malbuch


Colouring books for adults, I kid you not, it’s a thing. You can take it as seriously or not as you like. A perfect pastime that doesn’t cost much and is incredibly soothing. Try it and the good thing is you can even colour outside the lines if you like!
Where to get it: I got mine here for €4.95 from Evans Art Supplies but you can get them pretty much anywhere now.

Two. The Elements of Colour by Itten


Definitely heading toward textbook material here but if you are interested in the Theory of Colour this book is pretty seminal.
Where to get it: It’s very pricey new, €60-900 (yes I know), but you can pick it up second hand here on amazon for a much more doable €19.

Three. The Life and works of Gaugin


This, my friend, is just pure, unadulterated eye candy. And why not, it’s Summer! Treat yourself to flicking through the pages of something that makes you drool… creatively I mean.
Where to get it: Well your eye candy might not be the same as mine, so you might like to choose a different artist and to be honest you can pick this kind of thing up easily in second-hand book stores. But if you are a little time poor you can get a similar one here.

Four. The Goldfinch by Donna Tart


Ok, I may be stretching it here. This was my ‘book of the year’ a couple of years back. It’s a really well-written novel and an enjoyable read (perfect for the summer holidays) and is set around the story of the theft and appreciation of a small but famous piece of art.
Where to get it: I got mine here for €14.60 but you can it in any good book store.

Five. The Irish Country House by The Knight of Glin and James Peill


By now you must know that I have a love of old Irish country houses. This one is really a kind of coffee table book that features the kind of house I like to paint and in fact, I have painted some of the houses featured. Beautifully photographed, this book is a gem in itself.
Where to get it: I got mine here for €22.50 and if you like this you might also like this one too.

Happy reading, browsing and generally feeding your creative side this summer.

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and finally…

Consumed by curiosity – a timelapse video.

Hold on to your hats for several days paintings in under 3 minutes. Click on the image below to view the video.


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