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Temperance & Podcasts – Filling your life with creativity & wonder


100x80cm Oil on Canvas, €3200
This is quite a large painting and one of the few remaining from a series that I did for a show in Castle Leslie, in Co. Monaghan. This painting is currently at The Killarney Art Gallery. 


Podcasts 101 How & what to listen to

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 Well, that was fun!

Today I jumped onto Facebook Live to have a chat all about podcasts – filling our lives with creativity & wonder!

If you missed it you can catch it here. If not, then thank you for joining me.

We checked out how to listen to podcasts (if you’re new to this) and I went through a few of my favorite podcasts. Not only that but I’ve created my own podcast playlist for you with some podcasts I think you’ll like.

What the heck is a podcast?
Podcasts are talks that are recorded and posted on the internet for lovely folks like us to listen to. There are as many different types as there are interests. So you can listen to an interview with a writer or movie star or a how to on Facebook adds or a review of the latest movies or back issues of a radio show. Basically the sky’s the limit.

Where would I listen to them?
The three ways that I listen most often to podcasts is generally from my phone..
I plug my phone into the kitchen/studio/bedroom stereo and listen via itunes
I stick my headphones into my phone and listen while I’m walking or in the gym
or I plug my phone into the car stereo and off I go.

Where can I find them? 
On the Internet, yes but where exactly?

First of all if you’re a compete newbie to podcasts you might find it interesting to check out this info on how to listen to podcasts

Once you’ve found where the podcast you want to listen to is you can download it to your computer or your phone and listen whenever suits you or listen without download it by streaming but you will need an ok connection the the internet for that. They are most commonly hosted on iTunes, Soundcloud or Stitcher.

Does it cost money?
It’s free and if you want to go back for more episodes from the person then you can click subscribe.

Where can I find good ones to listen to?
Ok, well that the thing is they’re everywhere but where exactly and where do you start? Because once you start listening you’ll start hearing about others and one will lead to another.

You can also just google podcasts for artists, creative entrepreneurs, or whatever you are interested in.
To get you going I’ve drawn up my podcast playlist for you. If you’re already listening to podcasts then you might be familiar with some but it will hopefully give you a kick start into what’s out there.

I’m listing my top favorites here, ones that I listen to frequently but there’s many more that I haven’t listed. Check the comments on my Facebook page under the video for suggestions for others too.

Dip in to some an see how you get on. Have a look at my video on Facebook on this for more about these podcasts


My Podcast Playlist

Creative inspiration

Magic Lessons – Elizabeth Gilbert – Just do yourself a favour and listen to all of them :-)

On Being  – Kristi Tippet interviews Mary Oliver

On Being – Kristi Tippet interviews David Whyte 

Design Matters – Debbie Millman interviews Amanda Palmer

Becoming Wise – Kristi Tippet interviews Brene Brown

After The jump – various  try this – going north

Artists and Creatives

The Savvy Painter – for artists who mean business

Artists Helping Artists – with Leslie Saeta and guests

The Abundant Artist

The Jealous Curator – Danielle Krystal interviews with artists  Try Irish artist Lola Donoghue and Canadian artist Zoe Pawlak

Creative Entrepreneurs

Amy Porterfield – Online marketing made easy

Tiffany Han – Interview Tara Mohr on playing big

Being Boss – with Emily Thompson & Kathleen Shannon

Alison Stansfield the Art Biz Coach

The Lively Show with Jess Lively

RTE Arts Tonight with Vincent Woods
TRE Arena with Sean Rocks


National Gallery of Ireland – Podcast series
National Gallery London – Podcast series
Tate Shots – Podcast series

and keep going!


Hopefully this will be helpful to you and give you a window into the world of Podcasts and how we can use them to enrich our lives just that little bit more.

So next time you’re heading out for a walk or a drive bring along some inspiring company.

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