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Everyday like Sunday
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Your all time, favourite reads

“One night recently I was awoken from deep slumber by the sound of intense discussion and some raucous laughter outside. While half contemplating rising to the window and telling the nuisances to shut up – it was 2.30am – I realised that the voices were familiar; my wife and her friend were saying their long goodbye having walked from their book club in the nearby house of another friend.”

So began Diarmaid Ferriter in a recent piece in the Irish Times about Women’s Book Clubs.
That ‘intense discussion and raucous laughter’ has been familiar to my kitchen since many years ago now, I suggested to a few friends that we start a book club. Back then I was trying to keep my brain alive through the post baby brain fog but 15 years later we are still meeting to eat, drink and discuss the impact (or not) of the latest offering.

I grew up surrounded by books and I still love houses that are full of books. There’s something about books in a house that says the people here have stories to tell and depths to plunder.

And what could be better than a good chat about a book that touched us or angered us or challenged us or made us look at ourselves with different eyes.

How the same book can mean everything to one and nothing at all to another. And that moment when someone speaks something unexpected or something funny or something to make us think and the room falls utterly silent for a moment. Priceless!

So, I thought…

How about you show me yours and I’ll show you mine?

What are your all time favorite reads?

Yes, I know… you can’t think, you can’t choose.. But if I put a gun to your head???
And mine…

Well… it’s hard to choose etc. etc. but if you put a gun to my head..

Some… in no particular order

My name is Lucy Barton Elizabeth Strout
The invention of Wings Sue Monk Kidd
The Goldfinch Donna Tart
The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Society Sharp & Barrows
Waltzing Through Flaws Paula Sharp
The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver
And if you’re really interested.. (skip to the end if you’re not it’s a long list!)

Here’s what we’ve been reading these 15 years…

15 Years of Reading

Note on the scores!
The books are scored out of ten back as far as 2003 and out of five in 2002 & 2001.
The fractions beside the 2008 scores show how many read the book and therefore were able to score. So 4/9 means four out of nine bookclub members read the book. The books are chosen and scored against agreed criteria.

2016… so far
My name is Lucy Barton Elizabeth Strout March 8 8/11
Spill Simmer Falter Wither Sara Baume Feb 7 8/11
All the light we cannot see Anthony Doerr Jan 8 6/11

2015 Book list
Book of the year:
History of rain Niall Williams March 9 3/11

The invention of wings Sue Monk Kidd Jan 8 9/11
The awakening of Ms Prim Natalie Sanmartin Feb 5 8/11
History of rain Niall Williams March 9 3/11
Shotgun love songs Nickolas Butler April 7 8/11
The incarnations Susan Barker June 5 7/11
How to be both Ali Smith July 2 1/11
Turning looking seeing Suri Hustivedt Sept
The children’s act Ian McEwan 7
The dish Stella Newman 4
A god in every stone Kamila Shamsie
Road ends Mary Lawson 7
Wonder R.J. R.J. Plalacio 6
The Green Road Anne Enright 8 5/11
A man called OVE Fredrik Backman Oct 6 6/11
The Wanting Richard Flanagan Nov 7 5/11
The Country Girls Edna O’Brien Dec 7 7/11

2014 Book list
Book of the year:
The Homesman Glendon Swathout 9 6/11

Children of the Jacaranda tree Sahar Delijani Jan 8 3/11
The Goldfinch Donna Tart Feb
Heartbreak Hotel Deborah Morgach Feb 5 7/11
The Rosie Project Graeme Simpson March 8 7/11
Unravelling Oliver Liz Nugent April 6 8/11
The undertaking Audrey Magee Sept 7.5 6/11
The garden of evening mist 7.5 2/11
The homesman Glendon Swathout 9 6/11
The unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry Rachel Joyce 6 10/11
The low land Jhumpa Lahiri 7 6/11
The thrill of it Joe O’ Connor 4 2/11
Aunt Julie and the Scriptwriter Mario Varigos Llosa Oct 6 1/11
US David Nichols Nov 7 4/11
We are all completely beside ourselves Karen Joy Fowler Dec 7 6/11
The truth about the Harry Quebert affair Joel Dicker Dec 5 7/11

2013 Book list
Book of the year:
Strumpet City James Plunket Dec 9

The Dove Keepers Alice Hoffman Feb 8 7/11
The sense of an ending Julian Barnes March 8 8/11
Strumpet City James Plunkett April 9 6/11
The Dinner Herman Koch May
The age of Miracles Karen Thompson Walker June 4.5 4/11
The Vanishing Act Esme Lennon Sept 8 6/11
Ancient Light
The corner of bittersweet and heartache 8 8/11
The Shadow Year 4
City of Bohane 4
The Herbalist
The Misremembered Man
Waiting For Sunrise William Boyd Oct 6 7/11
The Paris wife Paula McClain Nov 7 8/11
The Sun always rises Ernest Hemingway Dec 8 1/11

2012 Book List
Book of the year:
Sister brothers Patrick Dewitt June 8 6/11

The 100th year old man Joanes Jonasson Dec 7 9/11
who climbed out a window and disappeared
Selected Short Stories Alice Munroe Nov
Tigers in red weather Liza Klausman Oct 7.5 7/11
The art of fielding Harwick Sept 7 3/11
Sister brothers Patrick Dewitt June 8 6/11
The Forgotten Waltz Anne Enright June 5 6/11
The Apartment Greg Baxter June 5 5/11
State of Wonder Anne Pratchett June 6 6/11
The art of racing in the rain Garth Stein June
The particular sadness of lemoncake Amee Bender June 3 3/11
The woman in black 5 6/11

2011 Book List
Book of the year:
The brief & wondrous life of Oscar who Junit Dene 9 7/11

Soundings Anthology of Poetry Jan
The Snowman Hasbro Feb 6 6/11
What was lost O’Flynn March 8 7/11
The Hand that first held mine O’Farrell April 7 7/11
Random acts of heroic love Scheimann May 8/11
The brief & wondrous life of Oscar who Junit Dene 9 7/11
Home Marylyn 5 6/11
The Finkler Question 6 1/11
Before I go to Sleep SJ Watson 6 7/11
Dubliners James Joyce 8 6/11
Girl Reading Kate Ward 8 7/11
Portrait of a lady Henry James
Intalian Shoes Henri Mankell
The Woman
The Master Colm Tobin
On Cannan’s Side
The ghost light Joe O’Connor 7 6/11
Let the great world spin Colm McCann 7 6/11
Dubliners James Joyce 8 6/11

2010 Book list
Book of the year:
What I loved Hustivedt March 9.5 7/10

A fraction of a whole Toltz January 6.5 5/10
Crow lake Lawson February 8 9/10
What I loved Hustivedt March 9.5 7/10
That Lady O’Brien April 7 5/10
The Glass Room Mawer May 8.5 6/10
The Saltati Case Jones June 1.5 7/10
The Group McCarthy July 5 4/10
The Help Stockett July 7.5 7/10
Cutting For Stone Verghese August 8 9/10
The other side of the bridge Lawson September 8 8/10
Room Donoghue October 8.5 8/10
Girl in Translation Kwek November 5.5 9/10
Memoir John McGahern December 7 5/10

2009 Book List
Book of the year:
The Road Cormac McCarty June 9 8/10
Pride & Prejudice Jane Austen February 9 7/9

Pontoon Garrison Keillor January 5.5 7/9
Pride & Prejudice Jane Austen February 9 7/9
The Partisan’s Daughter Louis de Berniers March 2 7/9
A Pale View of the Hills Kazuo Ishiguro April 6 8/9
Confessions of a fallen Angel Ronan O’Brien May 4.5 6/9
The Road Cormac McCarty June 9 8/10
White Tiger Avavind Adiga July 7 7/10
The Housekeeper & the Professor Paul Auster July 7 7/10
Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel So. Sharp & Barrows July 8 9/10
Love and Summer William Trevor September 6.5 7/10
The Cellist of Sarajevo Steven Galloway October 8.5 9/10
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle David Wroblewski November 7 4/10
The Lacuna Barbara Kingsolver December 5.5 4/10

2008 Book List
Book of the year:
The Quiet Girl Peter Hoeg December 9 2/9

A Spot of Bother Mark Haddon January 6 9/9
Mother’s Milk Edward St. Aubyn February 6 4/9
Notes from an Exhibition Patrick Gale April 8 7/9
Infidel – My life Ayaan Hirsi Ali May 7 7/9
Mr. Pip Lyodd Jones June 7 6/9
With my Lazy Eye Julia Kelly July 4 7/8
The Outcast Sadie Jones July 8 7/8
The Hunter Julia Leigh October 8.5 7/8
The Shack William P. Young November 5 6/8
The Quiet Girl Peter Hoeg December 9 2/9

2007 Book List
Book of the year:
Half of a Yellow Sun July 9

The Thirteenth Tale January 6
Zorba the Greek February 3
The Tenderness of Wolves March 6
The master April 8
Q&A May 6
Sweet Francois June 7.5
Nineteen Minutes July 5.5
Half of a Yellow Sun July 9
This book will save your life July 5.5
Water For Elephants September 6.5
The Gathering November 8
The Collector December 7

2006 Book List
Book of the year:
To Kill a Mocking Bird April 10

To Kill a Mocking Bird April 10
A Short History of Tractors in Ukrainian February 8
The Boy in the striped pyjamas June 8
Never Let me Go July 7
The people’s act of love August 7
The Memory of Running September 7
Purple Hibiscus November 7
Carry me down December 6
Empress Orchard March 6
The Blue Flower May 5
The Accident August 3

2005 Book list
Book of the year:
East of Eden February 9.5

East of Eden February 9.5
Incredibly loud and extremely close September 9
We need to talk about Kevin July 8
Saturday May 7
The Other Boleyn Girl January 7
26a August 6.5
The shadow of the wind March 6.5
A Ship Made of paper June 4.5
Nothing Simple April 3

2004 Book List
Book of the year:
Small Island November 9

The Red Tent August 8.5
Kartography January 8
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the night time May 8
The Star in the Sea April 8
Middlesex February 7.5
Bookseller of Kabul June 6.5
Notes on a Scandal July 6.5
The Glass Palace March 6.5
Toast July 5.5
Deafening November 5
The daVinci Code September 4.5

2003 Book List
Book of the year:
Life of Pye Yann Martel January 9

The Story of Lucy Gault William Trevor July 8
Cat’s eyes Margaret Attwood April 8
Brick Lane Monica Ali September 7.75
Bel Canto Ann Prachett May 7
The Summer Book Tove Jansson September 7
Unless Carol Sheilds July 7
Mrs Dalloway Virginia Woolf March 7
The Hours Michael Cunningham March 7
Fingersmith Sarah Waters June 6.5
The Future Home makers of America October 6
The Catalpa Tree Denise November 6
Property December 5

2002 Book List
Book of the year:
Waltzing Through Flaws Paula Sharp March/April 4 1/3

Bad Blood Lorna Sage October 3 2/3
The Shipping News Annie E. Proulx May 3 2/3
On Green Dolphin Street Sebastian Faulks August 3 ½
Homestead Rosanna Lippi February 3 ½
Falling Angels Tracey Chavalier July 3 1/3
A Room with a View E.M. Forster June 3 ¼
Catcher In The Rye J.D. Salenger January 3
Nial Williams Fall of Light September 2 2/3
By the river Peidra I sat down and wept Paulo Ceolho November 2
Don’t You want Me India Knight July ¾

2001 Book List
Book of the year:
The Poisonwood Bible Barbara Kingsolver May 4 ¾

An Equal Music Vikram Seth April 4
White Oleander Janet Fitch July 3 ¾
Cold Mountain Charles Frazier October 3 ½
Memoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden January 3 ½
Evening Susan Minot August 3
Through The Narrow Gate Karen Armstrong February 3
Mara and Dann Dorris Lessing June 2 ¾
Unweaving the Thread Monica Treacy October 2 1/3
Gap Creek Morgan Richards December 2 ½
Driving Over Lemons Chris Stewart September 2
Inconceivable Ben Elton March 1 ½

So, If you are not in a book club, maybe think about joining one. Soon you might might find yourself celebrating 15 years of great books in the great company of intelligent, interesting and warm friends.

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