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Shh.. don’t tell your siblings

once in a while

Once in a while 

40x60cm €1650

available at the Whitehorn Gallery

I wanted to tell to that I’ve refreshed the work in almost all my galleries over the last week or two and not all of them have updated their websites yet but if you have a favourite gallery then pop in and check out what new paintings might have arrived in.

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Shh, now don’t go telling your siblings.

So you know how they say parents love all their children equally but secretly have favourites? It’s totally wrong, we know this, but we know it happens. Well, I have a secret to tell you that you can’t tell your siblings!!

I love my facebook, instagram, pintertest, twitter & youtube friends like family but…. I love you more!

Now if you go tell them I will deny it and it’ll be your word against mine so just don’t go there OK.

Anyway. Newsletter/blog readers are the core of my family/following. The news comes to you first then out from there. You allow me to drop by your inbox every now and then and you in turn email me back whenever takes your fancy. So to reward that special connection I’ll be doing the odd giveaway, like I just did this week, that won’t appear any where else.

Just here. for you. and yes, you’re welcome. :-)



Early Bird approaching

If you are reading this in the land of the free and the home of the brave, then this is for you. I will be in Massachusetts in September. Lots of lovely folks are coming from all over to join us and we are going to have a blast. No joking, it’s going to be another wonderful time of learning how to paint better and how to step over the fear that is keeping our creativity in the corner. (nobody keeps creativity in the corner)

For all the details click here

This three day workshop will be held at The North River Arts Society in Marshfield MA. USA. It’s about 40 minutes south of Boston city on the shore and just 20mins from where I visited last year.

Friday 16th, Sat 17th & Sun 18th September
9.30am -4.30pm

North River Arts Society
Marshfield, MA

* May 1st, prices are $499. Members, $539. Non-Members

Early bird rate: $475 – Non members $515

Early bird rate expires April 30th.

So now is the time to take the first step in investing in your creativity.


And finally… I want you to have an affair


Yup, you heard me right. Actually you can blame Elizabeth Gilbert for this bit of sage advice.

So what I (she) means is this. Affairs are naughty, sexy, wicked things. They make us lie to our partners and children and sneak time away from them because well, because we just can’t help ourselves. They are bad but delicious. So if I asked you to have an affair with your creativity what would that mean for you?

If no one but you knew about it. If there were no consequences (for now), If you didn’t have to explain it to anyone. What would you do?
Now relax, you don’t have to leave your lovely hubby or missus, you don’t have to quit your job or buy a second mobile phone to have this kind of affair. You might have to be a little selective with the truth as to where you are at every lunch hour, you might have to sneak out of bed 30 mins early in the morning but wouldn’t it be worth it to find that spark, that energy, that thrill?

Between you and me… I’m already at it! I won’t tell you what I’m doing but I can tell you it won’t pay the mortgage next month and it won’t show up in my next show. In other words it exists for no other reason that it gets me excited creatively.

What might that be for you? Music, writing, painting, craft, making? What spark of creative curiosity might you follow for no good reason than it feels good? And how might you go about it?

If you’re intrigued please take a few moments to listen to Elizabeth Gilbert tease out this idea with a tired art teacher, mum and grandmother and figure out how she can run off and have an affair with her creativity. It’s a goodun.

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