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The Affordable art fair 2016 & getting the best out of your art fair visit

Come fly with me!

Well kinda.. This weekend I took a trip to the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park, London and true to my promise I took my camera phone and jumped into my second video blog or Vlog.

If you’d like to come along, then it’s just the thing for you.

Click here or on the image below to view the video

And I also have some top tips to get the best out of your next art fair visit.


As you’ll see from the video the fair was jam packed. It was really interesting to see how the (mainly) British work differed from that in Ireland. A lot of graphic and modern themes. I was glad to see that my work stood out in it’s saturated colour and heavy textured oil paint and that it seemed to have a certain following thanks, in large part, to my representation at the fair for many years now.

And what about the Brits and their dogs! We all know that the British love their dogs, but I’ve never seen so many dogs at an event. They were very cute and all so well behaved.

I’d love to hear you art fair stories. Did you loose your art virignity at an art fair and buy your very first piece? Did you ever see my work or buy a painting? Let me know, I’m all ears.
McGregor’s Lodge
80X80cm Oil on Canvas €2750
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McGregor's lodge


Getting the best out of your art fair visit!

1. No need to feel intimidated.
Arts fairs are not what they used to be. They are much more fun and friendly now a days. So browse, ask questions and enjoy yourself.

2. Buy with your heart not as an investment.
Remember that this piece of art is going to hang in your home. It’s job is to speak to others about who you are and to enrich your life. If it’s a good investment that’s a bonus.

2. Get a free ticket.
All the exhibitors get a certain amount of free tickets so if you are interested in a particular artist find out who is showing their work and ask the gallery for a free ticket. Also check the website and Facebook etc of the fair, they often have giveaways for tickets.

3. Consider making a night of it at the preview evening.
The preview evening can often have a great buzz. They are an opportunity to meet fellow art collectors, art lovers and have more in-depth conversation with artists and gallery owners. And if your heart is set on a piece then you can get the chance to grab it before the doors open to the public. Oh and did I mention there’s often music and free wine!!

2. Make a plan.
Are you interested in particular stands or just taking it all in? Take a minute to circle the stands you really don’t want to miss and plan a quick run around taking them all in. That way if your time or energy run out you won’t have missed the best stuff!

3. Bring the kids.
Make it a fun day for all the family. Most art fairs are free for kids and have a kids area where they can do crafts and fun stuff. Get your hands dirty with the kids and enjoy some crafts together or take turns to have a wander.

4. Avoid the dreaded ‘fairtigue”
We all have short attention spans so intersperse periods of checking out the art with a visit to the cafe or take a break outside for some fresh air..

4. Be comfy.
Fairs are often quite warm so you might like to check your coat and bags into the cloakroom and don’t forget you’ll be doing a lot of walking so those six inch heels might not be the thing.

5. Getting home.
Fairs usually offer free packaging so if you have the car that’s easy. If you are on public transport or have things to do after, then ask the gallery if they deliver.

And if you have anything you’d like me to tackle in my tip videos just let me know.

Where can you find more videos?

You can see all my videos on my youtube channel. Just click this link and then subscribe, so you can find me again. And you can watch them on whatever you like… phone, iPad, desktop or even on your TV!

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