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how to launch a vlog like a big girl

How do you launch a vlog like a big girl?

Well you put on your big girls pants and you just go do it, don’t you!



What’s a vlog you ask? And well you might!

Well, it’s a kind of video diary that includes stuff that folks might find interesting. Like a blog, but on video! In my case it means I can bring you along on some of my adventures and talk to you face to face, as it were.

So here’s the thing with this… I really don’t have time for lots of equipment, filming and editing, nor the patience to primp and preen, so I’ve taken my usual approach.




I’m using my phone as the camera, a small mic only when really needed, natural light wherever I can and editing on my mac as little as possible to save time. I’ve also had to get out of my ego and let go of how I look and sound (that stuff would stop ya in your tracks).

As a bonus I have also started filming some little short Tip videos for artists and aspiring artists that I hope you’ll find interesting.

And if you have anything you’d like me to tackle let me know.

Where can you find them?

You can see all my videos on my youtube channel. Just click this link and then subscribe, so you can find me again. And you can watch them on whatever you like… phone, iPad, desktop or even on your TV!

I’ll also be posting them here on my newsletter, on my website, on my Facebook page and on my other web homes like Pinterest and Instagram etc.

So here we are…. My first vlog!

In this one, I bring you with me to get some paintings scanned for making prints later down the line.

So lets go!




If you’d like more info on my limited edition prints click here

Affordable Art Fair London March 10th-13th


Are you about in London the weekend after next?

The Doorway Gallery will be exhibiting my work at The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea Park and I have a small number of tickets that I’d love to give you. Just email me if you would like some.

I will be visiting the fair myself this year and lapping up some of the wonderful art. Can’t wait!

This is one of the paintings that is heading off to London but you can preview all the paintings here.

Bantry Linen
70x50cm Oil on canvas

bantry linen

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