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Pottering with intent

Mr. Foster's potting shed


Mr. Foster’s Potting Shed 70x50cm Oil on canvas available at from

The Doorway Gallery

Mr. John Foster was the speaker of the house of parliament in 1795 and was responsible for the establishment and design of the Botanical Gardens here in Dublin. It might be a stretch to link him to the potting shed in the kitchen garden but we all need something to do in retirement right?

This painting is now at The Doorway Gallery and it will be part of a new body of work going the The Affordable Art Fair in Battersea March 11th -13th. More on that next time.

If you will be in London and would like an invitation let me know asap as they are hard to get!


Three Day Painting workshop in the US

I’m thrilled to announce I will return to the States this September and we are now taking bookings for a three day painting workshop at The North River Arts Society in Marshfield MA.

It’s about 40 minutes south of Boston city on the shore and just 20mins form where I visited last year.


Friday 16th, Sat 17th & Sun 18th
9.30am -4.30pm

North River Arts Society
Marshfield, MA

Focusing on painting technique, finding inspiration and overcoming the barriers to creativity.


Full details here

some feed back from attendees…

“Very best 3 days of inspirational teaching I’ve experienced. She has the vocation to teach.” Ann

“Relaxed, friendly atmosphere. A brilliant teacher! I’ll never paint in the same way again” Hillary

“Very clear & easy to listen to. She knows her subject inside out & her passion for painting is contagious.” Sharon

“Inspiring! Easy to follow, honest, bubbly personality! Put everyone at ease. A gem!” Louise



Click here for more info and for booking details

Pottering with intent

Since when has it become a thing that when asked “How are you?” instead of answering “Good” or “Fine” more often the answer is “Busy!” Like it means the same thing. Is it because ‘not being busy’ has connotations of being lazy or unimportant or even worse, socially lonely?


It’s been mad here since Christmas and it’s all been good, I’m not complaining but it’s time to slow it up a bit. The big push is done and I need a break now. It took me a while to settle in to ‘not being busy’. I’m a bit like an ocean liner, when I hit the button to slow down it takes a few nautical miles before I actually arrive at the slower speed. But I finally got there this week.

So, I’m not busy this week or for the next few. I immediately feel the need to say that I’m still working and have plenty to do, thank you (in case you’re going to ask me to do something) but I am actively, purposefully pottering!

I’ve tidied the paper on my desk (well sort of), sorted out some plans for later in the year, I’ve actually seen the bottom of the laundry baskets as of today (do not underestimate how rare that is in my house). I’ve been eating breakfast out (one of my favourite treats) and swimming with my daughter. But all at a rate of pottering.

More than anything I am painting, not because I have a deadline but just because I want to. How absolutely delightful.

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