Happy New Year – Mercy me


Mercy Me

Mercy Me  60x60cm Oil on Canvas Framed €1950

Happy New Year

Well, the tree is down and the twinkly lights gone. I’m always happy to clear away the Christmas clutter by around now and make room for the New Year but it’s still sad to see the lights go, isn’t it?

It’s been a particularly lovely Christmas, in fact I’d say we haven’t had a happier one in years. I am so grateful for that and for where I’m at now and all the small (& big) mercies that have got me here.

And I want to thank you, for being part of it, whether for buying a piece of my art, joining me on one of my workshops or just coming along on the ride with me!

About seven or eight years ago I upended my life and began a career as a professional artist. It was a frightening and risky move but it turned out to be my salvation.

I never really set big goals. Sure, I had big hopes for the future (and still do) but I started with small ambitions. I put into practice the skills that I had learned in business and in life, namely to work hard, work smart and most importantly to not listen to my own inner critic. So far those skills have served me well and I continue to support my family doing something that makes me happy. How amazing is that!


High Hopes.jpg


Have some high hopes of your own? If you do, can I encourage you to take the first step toward them this January? Even if it scares the bejesus out of you! Just one step and then see where you are. Who knows where it will lead you to!




My head is full of plans for the year to come and I spent the morning making lists of things I need to do, things I would love to do and things I’m scared to do but might just do anyway!

So here’s what I can tell you about what’s coming up in 2016
Painting workshops – to and fire up others to paint and give them the skills to do it.
Dublin – January (booked out) and one in the US (TBC)

Business workshops – to pass on what I have learned to other artists and to help them better sell their work.
Dublin – February 5th&6th (a few places remain) and another Biz workshop in the US (TBC)

Solo Shows – so far
Killarney Art Gallery – Summer 2016
Boston USA – Sepember 2016 (TBC)

Art Fairs – so far
London Battersea, Affordable Art Fair – March
Amsterdam, Affordable Art Fair – October
Scotland, The Edinburgh Art Fair – November
Dublin, The RDS Art Source Fair – November

Limited Edition Prints
I will launch a further two Limited Edition Prints this year to join the two already available from my website. Most likely in the spring and autumn.

I’ll also be trying some new things, behind the scenes, both in my creative work and in my business career so who knows what fun will come from that and I will of course continue to paint the paintings that come from my heart, whether they be home interiors, or welly boots or something else.

Those paintings can be found in the galleries listed below and hopefully before too long, in one or two more outside of Ireland.

Killarney Art Gallery – Killarney
The Doorway Art Gallery – Dublin
Carrie Neely Art – Belfast
The Gallery Kinsale – Kinsale Co. Cork
The Lahinch Art Gallery – Lahinch Co. Claire
The Blackbird Art Gallery – Kilkenny

Tallentyre Art Gallery – Northumberland, England
MacGregor Fine Art – Edinburgh, Scotland

And Finally..

So that’s it for now, except to say that I wish you the very best in the year ahead and to leave you with a little poetry. Cause why the hell not!

My favourite Seamus Heaney poem, all 51 seconds of it :-)

When all the other where away at Mass – Seamus Heaney.


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