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ambledown cottage & I’m back!


IMG_0992 copy

Ambledown Cottage

Ambledown cottage 60x60cm oil on canvas

Jeremy Herron’s beautiful Ambledown Cottage beside the gates of Castle’s Leslie is the perfect place for a pot of tea and a homemade scone.

I’m back!

I started a post a week or so ago about moving my studio and by mistake I hit send before I was ready. Well here’s the rest of that story.

So, I was telling you that I spent the summer painting in a temporary studio in my house to try it out. Up until then I painted in my kitchen and the rest of my studio equipment, stock and other stuff was spread across a few rooms.

The new, dedicated studio room would potentially bring everything together into one room.


But here’s the thing. It just didn’t work.

Sure, I loved having all my stuff around me but the room was just too small and I really felt confined.  Trust up like a chicken in a cage. 

It was also too much of a ‘dedicated space’ away from the rest of the house. When working in the kitchen the painting would be in front of me all the time and I also got to view it from a distance,  constantly catching the things that needed doing.  I missed that and I think my paintings were the poorer for it.

Certainly it seemed harder to work.


The kitchen, where I used to paint, isn’t the perfect space either. It can be too bright in the summer. I use the iPad to paint from reference photos and the brightness in the kitchen makes it hard to see the detail and then there’s the mess!

But having tried the small space I have discovered that it’s more important that I can stand back from the canvas and be free to move.

But most important of all is that indescribable factor. It’s a space I can work in.

In short, it’s where I can find my mojo.

So I’m back!

But with some changes.

photo 4bb

Meet the trolley!

I’m afraid I have to admit that I’m more excited about this new trolley than a grown woman has any business being.

Why? Well, It moves around so I can change my position. It holds everything I need and it means when I have a full house for dinner (which is more and more often these days) I don’t have to put everything away.


photo 1-1

Palettes (I use three) and Zest it (or turps) on top, with brushes and knives on the side.

photo 3

I keep my  Kitchen roll and open tubes of paint just below and unopened paint and supplies under that again.

photo 2


A found this cool moveable stand for the iPad which allows me to avoid some of the glare.

photo 4

I am still using the small room as a store and I have three sets of drying racks which are attached to the ceiling in my utility room. A godsend to store paintings as they dry.  So the studio is still spread across the house somewhat but there’s order to it and I’m not tripping over stuff which is a delight!



Don’t you just love an organised space. Happy out!!

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