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Fork Supper copy

Fork Supper

Fork Supper 80×80 oil on canvas Sold

It’s official! The kerry show has been my best selling show ever, 20 sold to date and they are still selling. Big big thank you to those who bought, visited and generally spread the love. It’s going right back at ya. :-)


Upcoming workshops


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At the moment I’m busy planning workshops and demonstrations for 2015.

The workshops usually run over a Saturday and Sunday and I expect to do two full workshops this year. I am looking at one here in the Dublin area in January and another possibly in the US later in the year.

If you follow me online or know my work then you will know to expect a good dose of positivity and a bit of fun!

The workshops will suit you if you are a creative person and have been painting either for short time and would like to learn more or are already an artist and would like to refresh your skills and get some inspiration to get you moving.

Either way, I mean to encourage and motivate you and get you fired up to paint.

More details on what to expect in my weekend workshop here.

If you are interested in hearing about my workshops or demonstrations just fill out this form and I’ll keep you in the loop.


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