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Whatever else happens & January’s green shoots

Whatever else happens

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Whatever else happens 60x60cm

A sunny room with a chintz chair to cheer you up!

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January’s green shoots

Yes, it’s a long dark month but it’s also the beginning of a new year! Like everyone else I have much to worry about but somehow I can’t quite get lost underneath it all. There seems to be an optimistic slant on everything in January. When I turn on the radio these mornings there is little bits of hopeful news. Ireland returning to the markets, if just tentatively, IPTSB Bank beginning to lend again, there’s even a stretch (OK just a tiny one) in the evenings.

As to my own green shoots? I have begun work on a new series of paintings (too early to show you yet & I don’t want to jinks it). It may come to nothing but I am terribly excited.

So if you’re feeling a little blue, chin up buttercup… it’ll be OK.

and above all don’t do anything drastic.

or here

Oh and if like me, you’re a Walking Dead fan, then check out this version

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  • Hi Ró,

    Super painting. I like that — chin up buttercup.
    I think if I am clean, warm, fed, have a roof over my head and people who love me, I am lucky.
    It helps me stay cheerful to realize that.

    Take care,

    Spring is coming, and you’re right, the light is increasing.

    XO Barbara

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