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A load of cobblers & Waiting on a storm

A load of cobblers

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I ran out of canvases last week and after searching through every spot in the house found this one behind a couch. It’s 60x90cm and the orientation suits the wellies I think. It’s certainly a good one for today.

Waiting on a storm

Literally! There’s a big storm on the way, not a hurricane, but due to high tides and extremely low pressure it’s set to be a biggy. I know this shouldn’t excite me. I do realise that it will disrupt peoples lives, cause damage (my roof will probably leak again) and maybe even injury. A normal grown up would look concerned, tut tut, and be sympathetic.

So it’s with a little guilt (Ok, not much) that I admit I’m excited. I even laughed in the face of danger earlier this morning and walked up Bray Head. I mean, I didn’t even bring a coat!!

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The sky was brooding, dark and big rain drops hit me every now and then as if to give me fair warning. As I came down it started to rain so a ran down the last half of the hill with the rain hitting me hard on the behind like a cheeky kid who was pushing her luck.

I got to the post office to ship a painting and the shop for dinner and now I’m back. It’s only starting to get going and the house is so dark I have some of the lights on but I feel like I got away with it. “Do your worst”,  I’m home safe and sound and will paint away and watch from behind glass for the rest of the day.

Oh and by the way. Places on the Valentia painting course are booking up but there are still some places left.

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  • Great painting. Love it. I used to have a friend like that — a storm runner. Glad you are home. Several people have been hit by lightning round these parts lately. Even if you survive your brain is affected. That would be a shame for a fabulous artist like yourself.
    XO Barbara

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