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Happy rain or shine & Bad Habits

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Happy, rain or shine

Just as well in this country right!

Happy rain or shine 40x40cm oil on canvas


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Photo by JP Keating, post written by Le Cool

Bad Habits

It used to be the case that every Irish family had a nun. These days, every Irish family has the internet.

It used to be the case that religion fuelled sectarianism. Now, English royalty and Former IRA commanders can shake hands.

Could it be that we’ve entered what Christopher Hitchenscalled the renewed Enlightenment’? Have we lost religion and gained civility?

What we do know is that we used to be ruled by the church. Now, we are owned by the Germans. So, this week, we’re making you face your fears by having a German nun on the cover.

JP Keating’s shot from the Eucharistic Conference reminds us there is beauty in everything, and perhaps the secret is not to outright reject authority, fear, or hatred, but to transcend it. Now, try not to look into her eyes…


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