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lost in translation and found again

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Translations can be fraught with difficulty. The other day I copied a blog post in Chinese but without a translation.

Guess what? The lady who wrote the post got in touch and has translated the Chinese for me. Global village eh?

So if you’re interested, here’s the translation followed by the orginal Chinese.

Affordable Art

The weekend before, I went to the Affordable Art Fair at London Battersea Park. The art fair aims to discover and promote young artists. Although named “affordable”, those that tempted me to take them back home, were at least £2,000; but if I really want to exhaust my credit cards, I could still afford it.

This ambiguity gave me the gratification of luxury shopping, not the distance of appreciating masterpieces at the major galleries. When I found something I like, I would daydream for a moment, imagining “if I could own it, should I put it in the living room, bedroom, or kitchen, bathroom?

The pleasure is no less in collecting great works on paper, than owning them for real!

(1)All the Pretty Little Things, by Roisin O’Farrell

Two chairs, a sky blue wall, a white door. Red paints splashed on the canvas, like falling rose petals。A painting titled ”All the pretty little things”.


All the Pretty Little Things, in my mind, is the recurring theme of this Irish female painter.

The works on display were all interior paintings – dining tables, chairs, standing lamps, wall lights, vase, flowers, painted walls, oil paintings, porch, window panes, tree shadows outside of window – all the sensitive feminine details.

She is adept in using bright colours, but with soft mild tones, therefore the colours don’t come out too strongly. She painted a little space, simple yet so rich. Her own consolation. However big the world outside, there is a corner belonging to yourself, and it is dazzled with colours.

I would put her paintings in the living room, on the wall; a corner of another living room, in the frame. The fun of a secret peep.


上上个周末,和L一同去为期四天在伦敦Battersea Park的“买得起艺术节”(Affordable Art Fair),一个以发掘青年艺术家为目的的艺术展。虽名为“买得起”,我有欲望想搬回家的作品大都在两千英镑以上;但若甘愿荷包吐血信用卡刷扁,还是有这个财力的。这样一来,观展就带来逛街的快感,而非在大型美术馆里拜访名画时的距离感。遇见心动的艺术品,便花痴片刻 “我若能拥有,应该放在客厅、卧室,还是厨房、浴室?”。不能实物拥有,纸上收藏也可以过把小瘾。

(1)所有美丽的小东西 by Roisin O’Rarrell

两张椅子,一面天蓝色的墙,白色的门窗。画面零乱泼上粉红颜料,如同玫瑰花瓣飘落。画题《All the pretty little things》。


Roisin O’Farrell, All the Pretty Little Things




Roisin O’Farrell, Waiting for Ms Marple


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