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Artist in Translation. How’s your Chinese?

Artist in translation

Someone sent me a link to this blog. It’s a Chinese (I think) art lover who visited London for the Affordable Art Fair back in February and reviewed some of my paintings. Cool eh?

My Chinese is a bit rusty and Google translate hasn’t helped much so if you can translate, by all means please do!


上上个周末,和L一同去为期四天在伦敦Battersea Park的“买得起艺术节”(Affordable Art Fair),一个以发掘青年艺术家为目的的艺术展。虽名为“买得起”,我有欲望想搬回家的作品大都在两千英镑以上;但若甘愿荷包吐血信用卡刷扁,还是有这个财力的。这样一来,观展就带来逛街的快感,而非在大型美术馆里拜访名画时的距离感。遇见心动的艺术品,便花痴片刻 “我若能拥有,应该放在客厅、卧室,还是厨房、浴室?”。不能实物拥有,纸上收藏也可以过把小瘾。

(1)所有美丽的小东西 by Roisin O’Rarrell

两张椅子,一面天蓝色的墙,白色的门窗。画面零乱泼上粉红颜料,如同玫瑰花瓣飘落。画题《All the pretty little things》。


Roisin O’Farrell, All the Pretty Little Things




Roisin O’Farrell, Waiting for Ms Marple

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  • Try Babelfish. I understood what the writer was trying to say by converting Traditional Chinese to English. She raved about your colour, subject matter and attention to detail.

    Cool. You are a worldwide hit.

    Super paintings.

    XO Barbara

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