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Neither rhyme nor reason & Elephants never forget

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Neither rhyme nor reason

This one was a return to a looser application of paint and fun to do!

neither rhyme nor reason oil on canvas 80x80cm


Elephants never forget

I don’t usually post this kind of thing but bear with me this time. I came across this video about Shirley, a 52 year-old disabled former circus elephant who is reunited with Jenny (20 years old) after Shirley had been sold by the circus that owned them both.

I’m just sayin’

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One thought on “Neither rhyme nor reason & Elephants never forget

  1. Your interiors are always a welcome site. I love your colors and the thick paint. I hope to see them in person one day!

    Loved the story of Shirley and Jenny! It’s such an inspiring tale in only 7 minutes. Thanks for sharing!

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