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spring wellies & both sides of the brain

Spring wellies

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Some new wellies I came across over the last few weeks.

60x60cm oil on canvas

Both sides of the brain

I sometimes read a blog written by artist, photograher Daniel Sroka. Apart from being an amazing photographic artist, he’s the kind of guy who had one of the first apple mac’s and writes all the code for his website himself. No wordpress or blogger platforms for him.

Here his is talking about how the seemingly unhappy bedfellows of writing code for websites (which is a mathamatical language) and creating art can coesist for him.

I create my website the old fashioned way, typing the code in by hand. I often get incredulous looks from other artists about this. Why would an artist want to be messing around with something so geeky, so “not artistic”? But I don’t believe that making art and coding websites are so at odds with each other. By tapping into different parts of my brain and using separate sets of skills, these two creative skills help me maintain a creative and productive balance. Frankly, if all I did was make art all day every day, I’d go crazy. It’s just too much of the same thought process! I need to turn my artistic brain off from time to time in order to let it rest and recharge. And doing nothing doesn’t achieve this: even at rest, my artistic brain is still churning, working. I have found that I really need to switch gears, to dip my hands in some code, and force my brain to think and work in a different way. By coding my website, I allow my artistic side to quiet down and regroup. Then when the coding burns me out, I can return to making art at full force.

[singlepic id=1492 w=320 h=240 float=]

Alternating between art making and coding allows both processes to be better, stronger. The craft of coding informs my art, helping me logic through a problem, transforming a flash of inspiration into a workable idea. And the spontaneous expression of art making informs my website design, allowing me to see possible solutions before I even know how to make them.

I think to a greater or lesser extent it’s true of us all that we are never just one thing. But a mix of passions and skills. I met someone recently who asked me if I regretted not being a full time artist all along. But the fact that I worked in business for much of my career was not wasted time! It was both fulfilling in itself and a part of the journey to where I am now. Being an artist is being in business too. I’m self employed, something I swore I’d never do again but this time it’s different because the business side is balanced by the creative. It’s like both side of the brain can get a look in.


  • I love the painting–sometimes I forget to say that, it feels like such a given, but I should ‘say it out loud, ’cause you can’t hear my thoughts a quarter way ’round the world!

    And I loved the blog entry–so true a thing this is.

  • Love the painting — such joyous colour and light, and super post. I can’t imagine writing my own code, but it would be handy. My diversion is teaching, because it’s true the art passion is always turned on. We need to escape it from time to time.

    XO Barbara

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