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Shabby Chic & Poetry and Craft

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Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic 60x60cm oil on canvas

Poetry and Craft

You may be aware of the discussion currently going on between Damien Hirst and David Hockey. David Hockey recently said that Art is about craft and Poetry. That art school was about teaching the craft, but that it can’t teach poetry.

In the past Hirst has used his assistants or students to do the actual work of his paintings. As in the case of his dot paintings they’re not painted by him at all but bear his name all the same.

So in essence we could argue that Hirst’s dot paintings are his idea, his poetry if you like, but someone else’s craft. Hockney and others are asking the question if you don’t have the craft, ie. if you can’t paint, sculpt, draw etc. Then are you an artist?

Questions for the small hours with a good glass a whiskey me thinks.

Anyway, all this by way of preamble. I visited Oliver Sears gallery on Monday to see Joseph Walsh‘s exhibit. We’ve seen beautifully crafted pieces of furniture that transcend the furniture/art divide. These pieces however were on a different level.

To my mind this is poetry and craft.

Enigmum Chair

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Barely 31, The Irish Craftsman Joseph Walsh has become one of the most sought after names in furniture, his distinctive free flowing style and sinuous curvilinear forms makes his work highly coveted by collectors and museums alike.”                                                                                                  Bespoke person, Financial Times 


Enignum Table

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His wood pieces move like the wind, bend like paper, mold like clay and have the strength of bone. Yatzer


and my favourite piece


Enignum shelf

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Poetry and craft indeed.



Leaving Home from Chris Kunnert on Vimeo.




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