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Oriental Elegance & Clearing the decks

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Oriental Elegance

80x80cm oil on canvas

Counting sheep and clearing the decks

Trying to clear my head and get into a routine again. My sleep patterns are up the creek without a paddle at the moment and last night I was on t’internet and FB at 3am (again). I know bringing the Ipad to bed is not necessarily conducive to encouraging good sleep paterns but it’s something to do when the minutes and hours tick by right?

One of my friends sent me this at about 3.30am

or here

But after awhile I really just wanted to hit that guy. So finally, I took another friend’s advice to get up and do something.

So here we are…


[singlepic id=1481 w=450 h=400 float=]


[singlepic id=1482 w=400 h=500 float=]

At least I’ve a clear desk now! If only It were as easy to do the same job on my head.


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