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Waiting on Ms Marple & a visit to Hunters Hotel

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Waiting on Ms. Marple

A scene from the little bar in the front lounge in Hunter’s.

Waiting on Ms. Marple 80×80 square oil on canvas

A visit to Hunter’s Hotel

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I mentioned Hunter’s Hotel the other day. My Mum and I took a visit there recently, mainly to take some reference photos and I thought maybe you’d be interested to have a look. Hunter’s is Ireland’s oldest coaching inn, now in the 5th generation of the same family. The Mother of the current owner was a formidable lady and there are many stories about her. One was that on returning from an evening out, an ambassador to a lesser known country found his bags packed and in the hall because she disaproved of his “escort”.

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Years ago my husband and I called enquiring after dinner and she took one look at us and suggested we might get chips in the village! Cheek! (in fairness, there may can been some ripped denim)

Anyway the house, due in no small part to this formidable lady is like taking a step back in time into a 1930’s country home where you might easily expect Ms Marple to turn the corner any moment.

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I’m no great photographer and just use a little point and shoot cannon but I’ve learnt what I’m looking for is ideas for composition mainly. I usually take loads of photos and may end up amalgamating aspects of two or more. I can change colors and add or lose contrast or warmth so the photos don’t need to do everything. Thy become a kind of  visual sketchbook that I can go back over later.

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  • Hi Roisin. Very nice. I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas and continued success in the New Year.

    On a different note: we have a visitor from Ireland staying with us at the moment. He’ll be lodging here for a month or more. I’m loving the accent!

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