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the life of riley & introducing “mouse”

the life of riley

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Do you want the good news or the bad news first? Well the good news is that I finished the very last painting for 2011 yesterday. Yippee. That’s everything done for the year. Phew.

The bad news… I start on 2012 today! Some might have celebrated with champagne, we on the other hand got a new kitten! Each to his own right?

This weekend we’re hoping to take off to Lahinch en famile for a break and the following week I’ll hardly paint at all as I’ll be busy at the RDS Art Fair. I’m very excited about the fair but freaking out a little with so much to do and lets face it I do have better things to be doing such as enjoying Halloween and watching Mouse all day!

the life of riley 80x80cms oil on canvas

introducing “Mouse”

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Mouse is the newest member of our family. He is a 9 week old, ginger and white boy kitten. He’s very affectionate and like curtains!

And what does Maggie think? Well…

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  • Like this? Like is not strong enough a word.
    Beautiful painting. The thought of being all
    finished painting for 2011 is a tempting and delightful one. But then — beating 2012 to the start up line. I think I’ll just keep painting, and
    use my admiration of your spirit as a guide. The kitten is gorgeous and the photos so sweet.

    XO Barbara

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