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it never rains but it pours & absolute beginners

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I have two, brand new paintings for you but I’m not happy with parts of either so I’ll keep them back a day or two till I’ve done a little work work to them. In the meantime here’s some more wellies to cheer you up.

It never rains till it pours 60x60cms oil on canvas

absolute beginners

This is my philosophy, I live and breath this.

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

source: bedlam of beefy 

So if you are at that stage of not yet living up to your own ambitions (I’m still there too) then

Keep working

Keep producing

You will get better with every painting, story, project you do

and slowly you will get closer to bridging the gap between what you dream you can do and what you can actually do.



    • Hi Sheila, thanks for your comment. Yes such simple advise but so true. We have to keep the faith and keep working. :-)

  • Hi Róisín,

    It’s been really hard to get a comment to post. I think Canada is going crazy because of…what?
    Upcoming elections? Fall? Sales? I do not know, but it’s taken me about half a day to be able to say this is an awesome painting. Lovely.
    And I love the video too. It’s the 10,000 hours principle isn’t it. Right on. You are not at this stage at all. Give it up girl. You have 100% arrived. Take a bow.

    (Clapping all over the world).
    XO Barbara

    • Thank you Barbara, Yes the post was slow to come through but thanks you all the same. Great to talk to you the other night as always xx

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