Mr. Frawley & back from the whest

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Mr. Frawley takes a nap

Mr. Frawley is a well known character in Lahinch where we holiday most years. Often seen taking the air outside his pub. So I was very sad to see the pub boarded up this year and to hear Mr. Frawley is now in a retirement home. The town won’t be the same.

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I painted him last year as a commission and received another commission for a similar painting recently. It will be November before I can get to it but I look forward to coming back to Mr. Frawley.

Mr. Frawley 8×8 oil on board

back from the whest

We are back home from the west and I am currently posting in between laundry loads before we head off again camping to the seaside again. This short trip will involve two nights …yes two whole nights under canvas. I think I’m turning into a Mountie (do Mounties camp? maybe not) anyway, if the rain holds off (who am I kidding) it will be great. There’s no t’internet  there, no signal even, so it will be radio silence for a couple of days (I may develop a twitch).

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If you didn’t catch this months Social and Personal Magazine you can see the clip by clicking on the cover in the side bar. I am unreasonably excited by the fact someone chose my paintings and I’m afraid I may mention this several more times! Annoying I know but it’s the first time so try to be patient with me.



  • Congratulations on the magazine mention. This is well deserved because you are such a talented artist. I love the painting of Mr. Frawley.

    • Thank you Jerry, How are you? I often think of you in your beautiful home whenever I see you’re name on FB. I imagine it would be good for a few paintings :-)

  • Sorry about Mr. Frawley. The painting is lovely. It’s hard when holiday places change — so much affection goes into thinking about the people there. If you’re a Mountie you need the fancy uniform. And the special boots that they polish with floor wax and a heat gun! You’re funny.

    Congratulations on the Social and Personal — very cool.

    Have a memorable time camping.

    XO Barbara

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