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guest post – Barbara Muir

[singlepic id=1306 w=400 h=300 float=]
Full Serve
watercolour on watercolour paper
9 x 12 inches
Barbara Muir © 2011

Happy Connections — the pleasures of art blogging

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Hi – my name is Barbara Muir and I’m a Canadian artist.

I met Róisín through this blog, and we’ve become friends.  She’s asked me to do a guest spot on her blog, and the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

Last night I was at an art show near Pugwash, Nova Scotia, Canada where I’m on vacation with my husband.  The talk turned to nature versus the computer, and the sad state of affairs with little children addicted to Facebook and adults stuck on their iPhones and Blackberries all day and night. Not that I wouldn’t acknowledge that that’s true in part.  But for artists there is no question that the internet, and in particular the world of blogging is a boon.  I admit I was dragged into this a bit against my will at first.

I started a blog to be able to connect to my artist friend here in Pugwash, Norene Smiley, who wrote a short term blog in support of an art show she was organizing. But since my squeaky beginning I have met artists from aroundthe planet, and enjoyed their work tremendously. Artists can learn so much from reading each other’s blogs and seeing each other’s work.

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Pam in New York
Acrylic on canvas
36 x 48 inches
Barbara Muir © 2010

I can’t remember how I found Róisín, but I know that from the first time I opened her blog I was completely hooked on her work—her fresh use of surprising colour combinations, the verve and spontaneity of her images, the lush use of paint, and her joyous and sometimes humourous subject matter.  I believe in painting from a happy life view, and in Róisín I knew I’d found a kindred spirit.  What’s my point? — Through the blog I know that Róisín loves her seaside walks, and here I am walking beside the ocean in Canada thinking of her.  When forest fires threatened my blog friend in Tucson, Arizona I felt the same worry I’d feel for someone I know in person in my home  town of Toronto.  I can easily follow a friend in France and see her lovely paintings as she travels around Europe.

So in fact the computer connects me and the other artists I know to more of the world—we care more about one another, and even know more about his beautiful sphere we live on.

Have a connecting-to-friends-around-the-world day. And a big hello from Canada.

Barbara Muir Paints


  • Hi, Barbara–I know Roisin had announced a ‘guest appearance’, and when I saw here the painting you posted, I thought, “Hmmm–I think I know her work….” I don’t know how I found you a while back, but I clearly recognized your work. I love your bold colors!

    And living in Tucson myself, you’ve really stirred my curiosity as to who your artist-friend is who lives here, too! :-) Yes–we’ve had some terrible times with fires this year. Thank goodness the monsoon arrived and dampened the desert a bit!

    Keep up your great work. I look forward to seeing more.

  • Two of my favorite artists in one blog! What a treat! And I agree with you totally, Barbara! Today’s technology has added friendships that before the internet would not exist. We are very blessed! :-)

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