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two peas in pod & born again campers – not!

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two peas in a pod

pretty apt really, it’s bucketing down this morning. We’ve been toying with the idea of getting a 6 man tent and trying out the great outdoors. Camping, as a past time, would be about as familiar to my family as neurosurgery but both the girls are now born again scouters and have been putting on the pressure.

born again campers – not!

Every day the weather is good I think, how lovely it would be to be camping and then it rains out of the heavens and Rob puts the heat on for a hour and I think, Oh my god I’m so glad I’m inside – in a bed!

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  • Love the painting. My camping life ended with
    a camping trip to Quebec when Sam was about 8 months old. We had a great tent, but picked our sites from descriptions on the net. One “campground” was on the edge of a huge factory lot, and on an aunt hill. The boys were happy as all get out. But the final straw was food poisoning in an upscale campground take out place. Now I like to camp in good hotels, and go to campgrounds for picnics and day trips. Your post made me laugh remembering. I am not a camper.

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