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feet on the ground & talking to you

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feet on the ground

A return to wellies. Been a while since I’ve painted wellies and I’ve missed them. So I might do a few more this week.

feet on the ground 24x24inch/60x60cm

talking to you

3 large paintings sold in Dublin and 4 in the UK this week. Whoo hoo! They’re selling pretty much all the time in the UK but I haven’t sold a painting here in Ireland in months so that’s fantastic. Lets hope it’s a sign that things are improving here. I’m delighted as I would like to have all new work in the Doorway gallery for the show in September.

Speaking of which I am currently working on an artist statement for the show. For someone who could talk the hind legs off a donkey I am finding it incredibly difficult to articulate what this show is all about. I think it’s because I don’t paint from the place where I think in words and when I try to write something I keep tripping over art speak (which I hate).

I think, I’ll have to imagine I’m talking to you. That might help


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