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the quiet hour & sharing ideas for free

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the quiet hour

They say there are just six degrees of separation between you and everyone else in the world.

I became friendly with Sally on facebook. She had been recommended to my page by a friend of hers in Texas. She lives near Boston and works in a picturesque little town called Duxbury.

Now as it happens, my family and I swapped homes with a gorgeous family in Duxbury back in the summer of 2004 and we have remained friends with our house swap friends since.

Turns out  Sally knows, is friends with, our house swap friends.

So how many degrees is that?

Anyway, this scene is from Sally’s house. I can’t help but think that that chair is just waiting till everyone is gone so it can pull up to that old piano for a bit of an ol’ singsong.

the quiet hour 24 x24 inch oil on canvas

Sharing ideas for free

I’m a big fan of Seth Godin. I’m also a bit fan of sharing. Here’s Seth talking about how sharing his ideas for free worked.


or you can see it here


  • Love this painting and the story. I couldn’t agree more. I just watched this and was blown away by the story. I’m in New York City right now where I have some paintings on show. What a place — just visual treat after visual treat and the nicest people everywhere.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you. I can tell you’re a great Mom.


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