chairs interiors large Painting

in a different light & blackbird signing

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in a different light

The Courtauld Gallery in Somerset House London. A cooler palette in this one. The painting above the funny little chair is Monet’s Autumn effect at Argenteuil painted in 1873.

in a different light 24×24 inch 60×60 cm oil on canvas

blackbird singing

I stopped to talk to an elderly man the other day. We often pass the time of day with each other on our morning walks. We were listening to the birds sing and he was telling me how as a boy he used to collect eggs (highly illegal now). Then we got to talking about our favorite bird songs. I didn’t know that many but we agreed our joint favourite to be the blackbird. We have a nest in our backyard at the moment and they’re singing all day long. I’d love to tape it for you but really I’ve got to go do some work so here’s the next best thing.
or here if you can’t see it



  • Man, that is one talkative blackbird! Don’t you wish you could know what he’s saying, and to whom? :-) And what a gorgeous woodpecker! My cat, Boxer, and I loved watching this. He was sleeping in front of the iMac and woke up for the show.

    It reminded me of one of the sweetest things I’ve ever known one human being to do for another…. Years ago when my grandma was quite old and had lost almost all of her hearing, she was living with my aunt. It was during the days of the old clunky tape recorders, and Lou took hers out and stuck in the branches of a tree in her yard. She recorded two hours of birdsongs for my grandma, so she could lay the recorder on her pillow, right by her ear, and hear her precious birds sing again. Is that sweet, or what!?

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