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home again home again & the thistle debacle

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home again, home again

Another scene from the private quarters of Killruddery House, in this case the doors from the kitchen area into a private courtyard.

home again, home again 24×24 inches/80×80 cm oil on canvas

the thistle debacle

So, earlier this week my eldest daughter was watching her school play cricket. Messing about as 12 year old’s do, she tripped and (there’s no way of saying this nicely) she fell arse about face onto a huge thistle.

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When her friends and the school principal picked her up (and of course by then the whole school’s attention was firmly on her), they discovered most of the thistle to be stuck on (or in) her behind. The whole school (it seemed to her) watched while the rather shortsighted principle did his best to extract the prickly thistle, piece by piece, from her behind.

Now this must have been the mother and father of all thistles, I mean, never mind the humiliation, or the the pain, there was actual blood involved . Eventually, after some time and effort on the part of the principal, the poor, mortified girl made her way back into the school to do her best to de-pickle herself.

And of course that meant she had to pass all and sundry, walking like she had just finished a three day ride on a piebald pony.

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Even when she got home here, there was nothing for it but a hot bath and some serious tweezer action.

Thankfully the child has a good sense of humor and to her eternal credit she was, seeing the hilarity in the whole debacle, laughing at least as much as she was howling.


  • Ow! Bless her heart! Here in the American southwest desert, we learn quickly to ‘paint’ such ‘intruders’ with Elmer’s Glue. Once it dries, it can be pulled off, bringing the stickers out along with the glue-skin. I guess Liquitex Medium would serve the same if it’s handier. :-)

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