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killruddery stair & copyright grand plan revealed

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Killruddery stair

The main staircase of Killruddery House lives right in the heart of the house. It is a very dark wood (almost black), very ornate and the walls on all sides are hung with impressive looking portraits that must move and talk to each other at night. Like in most houses there is a little door under the stairs. Being the curious child I am, I really wanted to open it to see what was inside. Unlikely to be a downstairs loo (too modern altogether) maybe a stair to a secret dungeon? Or a rum bar installed by a drunk lord a couple of generations back? I didn’t try the door because even though my motto in life is “curiosity does a pilgrim make”  getting thrown out wouldn’t help in getting some more great photos.

Killruddery Stair 24×24 inch oil on canvas

copyright grand plan revealed

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Well who’d have known that you were as knowledgeable and intelligent as all that. I am much impressed with your thoughtful, clear and informed comments on my copyright dilemma. Really!

The gist of which would be

1. Those intent on taking art images will find a way to do it regardless. The technology to do so is improving every day.

2. Anything that interferes with the viewing of art will discourage collectors and veiwers alike.

That said

1. A small watermark will clearly show the work is copyrighted and inform the viewer as to the owner of the image should they view it in google images or elsewhere.

2. A low resolution image can not be reproduced in print which for the most part rules out theft for reproduction.

So that is what I’m going to do. Low resolution 72dpi, with a smaller, less intrusive copyright watermark that includes the copyright symbol, my name and website.

If there is a flaw in my plan, do feel free to point it out. Otherwise, thank you all!



  • I like this copyright better. Less intrusive. As for low resolution, there exists a program to increase the resolution… I know, my husband has it. He’s a photographer and if he uses older photos, the resolution was poor to today’s standards. I’m not sure there’s any winning here…

    Love your stairs and the intrigue of the little door is killing me! My grandmother’s little door was a tiny half bath, There was even a small stained glass window in there! Next time you go visit, you should at least ask. Just tell them you have a curious friend in America…

  • Good decision. It’s not intrusive. Tastefully done.

    LOVE this interior! I think it might be my favorite so far (I think this about each painting! :)) . Now you have me curious about the door …….

  • I’ve just been sitting here saying Oh My God (can’t do the letters sorry) this is beautiful. You are just so good. And the copyright question is resolved nicely too.

    As for making images more high res. Maybe people can do it, but they cannot get the original resolution. And of your work. Forget it. Only you are you. I love, love, love this painting.


  • You have such wonderful Style is so wonderfully comes out in these painting. The stair painting is just so cozy feeling. I really like how you have handled the watermark and copy write issue.

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