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gardening leave

The second of the paintings from my friend Delyth’s beautiful home. This desk sits in the window of the dining room.

Gardening Leave 24×24 inch oil on canvas

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almost there

Today I’m working on the last of the 14 paintings for the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol. Tomorrow I crash! I’ve painted 10 paintings in 10 days and friends have been asking how I manage to produce one a day. Well, I start about 8.30am and finish about 8pm. I take frequent breaks to refresh my eye and deal with kids etc, but I’m still working on it in my head even when I’m not in front of the easel (the kids hate that!). Although I normally paint almost every day I can only sustain this full on painting for a short while so I’ll be catching up with my life in the next week or so.

Talk more then.





  • I can relate. The momentum can only be sustained for so long. The brain goes mush. During our artists retreat this past February, it was the same. Eat, drink, paint. It seemed impossible to take a break. Like we were under a trance. The mind would not stop painting. We’d try to stop, but in moments we were back at the easel with a brush in our hands.
    Congrats on your achievement and enjoy a bit of reprieve…

    • But how lovely Susan to have just that to do for a week or so. No one else to look after and your meals put in font of you. Sounds like heaven to me just now. Talk soon

  • Out of death comes rebirth. That’s been my story in the last 10 years as I cared for my dying father and also lost my partner, one of my best friends and my greatest fan, my pussycat Kitza. I have now started a Gallery of Artists supporting Artists where Art Lovers buy direct from the Artist and Artists support each other. I love your website and would like to ask to be one of your galleries on it. Also would love you to post a pic and 3 completely different works to promo your site. Thanks so much.

  • Have you heard of ARTISTS FOR JAPAN? This is an effort from artists all over the world to send money to Japan via the Red Cross. Artists donate their work online and Art Lovers bid in a silent Auction. I am a member and of course we would LOVE one of your works for the next auction closing May 2nd. Or any subsequent auctions if you’re too busy with the latest show. Thanks again.

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