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all talk and no trousers & a grown up party

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all talk and no trousers

This was the last painting I painted for the AAF in Bristol. It’s a big one. So that’s the 14 done. Hallelujah! This morning I am photographing them and getting them ready to be shipped. Thankfully this can be done safely even while wet, thanks to my amazing framer Rory.

All talk and no trousers 32×32 inch oil on canvas

a grown up party

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I finished the last painting (this one) on Saturday about noon and my daughter was having her 12th birthday party at seven. Now, so far I have pretty much done most of the prep for the birthday parties, even if the girls have had lots of input.  Baking, games, themes, invitations, all that and we’ve had some great parties.

However, it been crazy busy and I wanted to postpone so I could help more but my eldest said that A) they were too old for all that and B) she would do everything. Basically she wanted a grown up party.

Was I skeptical?  Damn right. But she got her way by virtue of the fact that I was simply too busy to help. But guess what? She shopped, cleaned the house, got the place ready and lit candles around the garden. There was music and her Dad did a barbecue. And, you know, she was right! The 30 or so kids milled around and chatted and it was like a grown up party.

I had nothing to do! She and her Dad even bought the cake. I’m still in shell shock but you know it was a lovely party. And it seems like another milestone crossed, even if a little reluctantly on my part.


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