there’s always one & sell out at the AAF

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there’s always one

20×20 inch oil on canvas

sell out at the AFF

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All 20 of my paintings sold at the Affordable Art Fair at the weekend. They were  sold out by Saturday morning, with orders for more.

Sometimes when something happens that subsequently changes things, the moment can slip by unnoticed and it’s only in looking back that we see it was a turning point or an important moment. Other times you can feel you’re right in it.

I don’t know where my particular road is leading but today certainly feels like an important one. In fact I am feeling both excited (that’s woop woop dance around the kitchen excited) and numb ( stare out the window, too much to take in kind of numb). But I’m also fired up by the trip and already onto the next big painting.

So kind of alternating wildly between three moods, would ya say that’s normal?

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The Tallantyre Gallery stand

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Chattting to Martin Tallantyre

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A view of “Afternoon delight” in the distance as we made our way down the lane of stands.

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We got a chance to meet two generations of the Tallantyre family. Robin, center and Martin far right.


And Finally, It’s Rob’s birthday today. Happy Birthday sweetheart!




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