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nothing ventured, nothing gained & puppy love

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nothing ventured, nothing gained

This is a larger painting that is a composite of several scenes, this time not from Delyth’s house but there’s more of them to come.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained 32×32 inch oil on canvas

puppy love

What are the symptioms of depression in a dog? Can’t sleep, but won’t get out of bed? Staring at the wall for hours? Not eating?

I’m telling you, this is the face of a depressed dog!

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The cause? Johnny has gone home! The world might say they looked odd together. But I ask you, what about Marilyn Monroe and Arthur Miller? Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett?

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True love? Puppy love? Who knows but I know she misses him.

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He’ll be back again soon hopefully!


  • Roisin, how do you spit these out so quick??? I think you paint round the clock!

    Wouldn’t that be an artists dream? No need for sleep and can hold the brush all night long while the rest of the world sleeps…

    Sad looking puppy.

  • Love your work…the colors, looseness …I especially enjoy the interiors! Great!!! As a dog lover I totally understand!

  • WOW that’s a big painting, you must get through tons of paint!
    Poor sweet doggy, she must be lonely without Johnny and you can’t explain it to her either, hope she gets over it soon. Hugs to her.

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