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fantasie & counting blessings

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You might think you’ve seen this one before, but actually it’s a companion piece to one sold in London. I’ve been fighting with it a bit as it’s hard to know how similar or different it should be to it’s partner. I’m hoping it will keep the other one company.

fantasie 24×24 inch oil on canvas

counting blessings

Last night I had a minor moment. The last few weeks have been a whirl wind of important and special events.

The show in London,the gigs here in the house and in the Doorway Gallery with Iain, my daughters first bivouac adventure, extra foreign students staying, kids birthdays, blah, blah blah.. On top of this madness I got word the Tallantyre Gallery are to take 10 of my large paintings to the Affordable Art Fair in Bristol in May (whoopee) and have also ordered some more paintings requested by clients of theirs. I am over the moon and excited to get going, but (sorry for the but) when I did the math and realized how little time I have to complete this order my stomach went into a knot that wouldn’t unclench.

Then, last night while surfing during the ads of Grey’s Anatomy I came across this image

[singlepic id=1036 w=500 h=600 float=]

A couple things came to mind

  1. Most of the things that we have been doing/will do are things that are expressions of who we are and who we want to be (the we is Rob and me). They are the kind of things that I would want to do if I had to write a bucket list. Now, how amazing is that?
  2. I have the choice. What I mean is I can choose what to take on and what to say no to or reschedule.  So I have some control here and if it all gets too much I can say “you know, I can’t do that at the moment”

We can only do what we can do and it’s our job to find the balance and constantly make the corrections where we need to. Are you a victim of your busy life? Can you sit down and actively make choices to correct the imbalances? Of course, there are consequences to every choice but I’m discovering that I can also choose which consequence I can live with. And somehow that makes all the difference.

So yes, It’s still a bit crazy here, but I’m finding ways to relieve the pressure in other ways. I had my kids in bed early last night and told the students that I was putting the house to bed at 10 and it was lights out everyone asleep here at 10.10pm. And it was fine, and one one minded!

So when my keyboard and mouse broke today I could deal with it like an adult instead of having a hissy fit and when I was painting this morning I really could appreciate how lucky I am to be doing what I’m doing in my life right now.





  • Love the painting and the thought. I was thinking the same thing today in a class with students talking about goals. I am living my ideal life, the one I dreamed of as a kid. I have it. And life does get crazy busy, but at the heart of all of it is that fact. I already am living the life I wanted.

    Thanks for your wonderful work, and super blog.

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