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afternoon delight & really, who colour codes their bookshelves?

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afternoon delight

24×24 inch oil on canvas. This one is on a palette, in a van, with 19 of it’s best friends on the way to Northumberland in the north east of England! Woohoo – Road Trip!

really! who colour codes their book shelves?

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What kind of uptight person does that? Big part of me whats to say “not me”! I’m not that anal, but it’s seems that my book shelves might argue a different story.

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Truth is I love books, lots of them and I love bookshelves full of books and I love colour. I love houses full of books. There’s something about books that say that the people here have stories to tell and depths to plunder.

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And I love how books look too, don’t get me wrong, it’s not about neat. It’s about how they make me feel, even the untidied ones and the piles that are lying around on the floor.

So shoot me! I colour code my books (and my mother does it too!)


  • Size and topic, then I can find them again :).

    Seriously — your bookcase looks great. Mine is a giant pile of unfiled paper and board books, arranged by toddler. just had a great post about being on top of things…which I am decidedly not. Funny how these things land in my mailbox on the same day.

  • I love the painting. I just saw a Valentine’s window in a beautiful store with books all wrapped in pink dust jackets and thought what a cool idea! I don’t have the time to do it, but the urge was definitely there. Ah what the heck. Liking colour and books — I so get that!

    I wish the painting a safe journey. It’s wonderful.


  • Love this painting Ró … focusing into the moment; a special moment in the here and now. A delight for me, any time of the day to enjoy. Love the books too … was in BDI today, and relishing in the trays of colour feast. xx

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