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see you in the morning light & you’re fantastic!

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see you in the morning light

I’m still hanging in there and have only this weekend left to my painting deadline. Had a dud yesterday but hey they can’t all work so I’m marching on. If you don’t hear from me on Monday it’s cause I’ve taken to the high hills to commune with the animals and eat berries. Don’t laugh it may happen yet!

see you in the morning light 24×24 oil on stretched canvas

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found: celestial amethyst

you’re fantastic

I’ve been blogging about my art and other stuff now for just over two years. So I thought a little tally may be in order. In that time there have been approximately

  • 230 posts
  • 2000 monthly visitors
  • 2/3 from Ireland, 2/3 from the US and 1/6 from the UK and 1/6 from the rest of the world
  • 300 regular readers on email/rss/ff
  • 750 readers on Facebook
  • and one official stalker (everyone worth their salt has one, you know!)

When I write the blog I don’t think about all the people reading/looking but usually just one person. That person varies in my head. I know many people from emails and comments, some from their own blogs and more from (actual real life) meetings.

So if you pop in from time to time, thank you! I’d love to hear from you today and here’s what I’d love to know.

  • Where are you from?
  • What’s your favorite kind of painting? Still life, animals, interiors etc.?
  • What is your favorite painting from my site?
  • What’s your passion in life?

And can I just say, of these last two years…

It’s been a pleasure! xx Ró


  • Am I first? Woohoo!

    I follow you on email from Calgary, Alberta, Canada after I found you on facebook via a friend. I’m a landscape painter with occasional side trips into still life. Passion in life (besides art): these days, my son. Before kid: food and mountains…backpacking by summer, skiing by winter.

    Favourite painting? I haven’t explored all your archives yet but so far I’m really liking the still lives and the landscapes. Especially those ascending pears.

    May I say I like this idea of collecting stories? Building community.

    • Hi Frances, How great to hear from you. I love your work and I have fallen in love with “Wolf”! I have a sister living in Penticton so I know how beautiful Canada is and would love to visit Alberta sometime. Maybe next time! I really enjoyed the sneak peak of your studio. I paint in my kitchen which is big thankfully but it’s a challenge to keep paint out of everything else. It woks for me as I can paint away even if the family are home and there’s no wasted time on commuting!
      keep in touch

  • I am from the USA: I am living in a small town in East Tennessee, Greeneville, Tennessee. We are surrounded by the beauty of mountains! My fav. type of painting is usually a floral-painted as they grow in nature. I love close-ups of individual blooms-maybe not even the whole bloom on the painting. And I love them in watercolor. I am an artist also and that is what I do the most of. However I love your chair series. There is something about the empty chairs that really have found a place in my heart. I also love the way you apply the paint with lots of colors showing through. Your paintings are beautiful. My passion is combining my love of painting and my love for God.

    • Hi Carolyn, Thanks for your lovely comment. It’s great to hear from you. Thanks for giving me such great feedback too. Do you blog your paintings too? if so just leave a comment with the address so me and other folks can enjoy them. I love not coving all the canvas so that the ground shows through and I’ve used the same colour throughout the series so that there is a continuity. In fact I always intend to leave more but I have to fight with myself not to leave it and not tidy things up. I’m not after perfect or realism and I love colour.

      Talk soon


  • I live on the East coast in the three hundred year old town of Beaufort, SC. I am a want to be artist and admire your work so much. Your chairs are great, however, my favorite painting is “Pink Wellie Afternoon”. My wellies are black with white polka dots. I think you are an extremely talented artist, and my passion in life is to paint as well as you do. If you ever come to The States, please plan to come see me. Our town is on the river(sixteen miles from the Atlantic) and is Heaven on Earth.

    • Hi Jerry, Of course I know who you are from your comments here and on FB, but I’m so delighted to hear some more about you and be able to imagine you in your beautiful old town in South Carolina. I have to admit to needing to find in on google maps so I can place it. It’s deep south and very exotic really to a girl from Dublin! Thanks for your encouragement from afar. Best wishes Róisín
      PS.Loving the sound of those wellies

  • Greetings from Kansas, I have enjoyed your paintings and I like all styles and subjects. I couldn’t choose my favorite painting because I like too many. Thanks for including me as a fb friend. Keep up the great work. Wandola.

  • Hi Ro,
    No wonder you are doing so well with: 5/3 of visitors. This is very impressive. Your enthusiasm is infectious and has inspired me to start a small blog. It’s good practice for me but I need some pointers on publicising it at some point…
    Best wishes,

  • Hi Róisín,

    I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I love all of your work, and am completely blown away by
    your interiors. I don’t have a favorite painting — each painting is glorious in its own way. My passions in life are many. I love my husband, my children, my friends, painting, teaching, writing my blog, meeting people, reading, travelling. So many things. And I love this blog. Congratulations on both your fabulous work, and your blog.


  • I recently discovered ur site and am in awe. I have to check it out everyday. You are so inspiring and uplifting in your blog that I look forward to reading it. I am trying painting with acrylics for the first time in my life. I am 49 years young and having fun. My husband is a huge support in my new endeavor. I live in wake forest north Carolina.

  • Oh, by the way, I love all your paintings, so does my husband who is a product designer. Also, I have a 19 year old son, who is talented with drawing anything.

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