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meet you there at seven & the perfect tree

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A little like that date at the empire state building between Cary Grant and Deborah Kerr in An Affair to Remember. Will he turn up, will she arrive?

meet you there at seven 24×24 inch oil on canvas

The perfect tree

[singlepic id=868 w=400 h=550 float=]Once upon a time I used to be rather anal when it came to choosing the Christmas Tree. (I know, hard to believe eh?) I would approach the search in a relaxed manner that would fool a casual onlooker that I was a devil may care kind of gal, easily pleased, but in fact I would spend hours in search of the right shape and balance and texture and would inevitably end up compromising with the “almost” perfect tree. I would then embark on a focused and disciplined exercise in decorating the said “perfect” tree.

Then I had kids! Kids have the wonderful effect of rubbing the hard edges of us and now I call it a major triumph to have the tree up and the house decorated at all. (sorry to photos are a little grainy)

This year when it came time to get our tree I took my two girls with me up the mountains to a tree farm ( I heard the trees were cheap!) The snow was still thick on the ground and the idea was you pick a tree and he chainsawed it down and put it on your car roof. How marvelous – except that after walking round two fields of trees up to our knees in wet snow we realised they were all either smaller than my smallest or considerably larger than me! I mean it, nothing in-between. Now the problem was that we had befriended the guy and had driven up to the middle of nowhere but the girls still wanted a “proper tree”. 

So I sat down and explained to my two girls the whole sorry story of the “perfect tree”, how it was in fact a myth, a holly grail that simply does not exist and the sooner they excepted this the happier they would be. Sad yes, but true and I hoped I was saving them years of searching that I had endured. Sometimes we have to let things go and except life just for what it is not what we have dreamed it up to be.

We left the field, actually we waited till another customer arrived and then the three of us ran like scalded cats for the car!

When we got back down nearer home we stopped at some place selling trees. By this stage it was dark and something like -8 degrees so we agreed on a game plan. this time we would get “a tree”, any “good enough” tree. After looking around a few trees we agreed on what looked like a pretty good one. Little did we know that this tree would turn out not to be the “good enough” tree it pertained to be but in fact the “perfect tree” that has eluded me for all these years.

Ok so I know you think I’m just saying that for effect, but honest to God, on my soul, I’m not. It was (still is) perfect. It looks perfect and smells perfect. I didn’t even decorate it, the kids did. Not even a sneaky fiddle about with it after they went to bed (come on I know you’ve done it!).  I had to acknowledge the fact that this tree is indeed, perfect.

So there it is. The holly grail of Christmas trees came and visited our family room this Christmas. It was not engineered or willed into existence it just came and was.

Here’s to a new year full of little wonders such as this one!


  • What a beautiful, heart~warming story!! May your New Year be full of laughter, love and beauty <3
    Looking forward to your new projects!

  • Hi Ro,
    Nice story :-)
    My little girl certainly makes me live a better life. I am grateful for the life enriching effect she has, particularly how she makes me focus on the small and amazing things in our lives. Having arrived back in Cardiff she said “it’s nice to be back in our own country”. A very cute comment that caused me a few conflicting thoughts and emotions. And hey, she does that so well.
    Great to catch up with you although I was left with the feeling that it was too short. It would be nice to plan a meal together over the summer.
    Love and best wishes,

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