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garden room & music to create by

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garden room

garden room 24×24 inch oil on stretched canvas

music to create by

You may have picked up that I’m a bit tired at the moment. The running total is 32 paintings of 35 complete and my deadline is the weekend. So alllllmost there. But I’m completely  knackered.

But,  I have found, refound (is that a word?) what I need to restore my creativity, apart from the rest I’ll take next week that is. Music! It’s so simple I don’t know how I missed it or forgot it or whatever.

I’ve been listening to the radio but yesterday I spent some time and created a new playlist.

The result was both instant and overwhelming.

I don’t know how to describe it but good music can envelop, calm, and create a kind of swelling up that allows us to give from somewhere deep inside, in fact not just a giving but pouring out.  It’s hard to reach that place when your worn out but the right music can find the path.

The “right” music? Well that’s completely subjective isn’t it but here’s some of my “right” music from yesterday’s playlist.

Tired Pony – Held in the arms of your words

Mark Knopfler & James Taylor – Sailing to Philadelphia

Bob Dylan – Sweetheart like you

Priscilla Ahn – Dream


  • Lovely painting! The paint handling is superb and works really well with the pinkish undertone. I think chairs make great subjects as they have a kind of figurative element to them.

    Sounds like you’ve been working really hard but you’re near the finish tape .I can’t paint in the studio without music!

    • Thank Paul, And thanks for the great tour of your studio well done. I love to clear the space around me too it free’s up the mind.

  • Fabulous painting! I too am galloping towards a weekend deadline. I teach too, so I understand tired. I will listen to all of your selections gratefully. I’ve found that listening to lectures on TED TV (online) also helps. The lectures are so fascinating that time passes without me knowing it.

    Take care. Your work is so beautiful. Yes next week — won’t it be wonderful.

    • Hi Barbara, Thank you so much. You have such a busy life I often wonder who you do it. My mum was an art teacher too for many years and I remember how exhausting it was for her. But it’s all about passion and I believe some people have a gift for bringing others on and I suspect you (like Susan) are one of those!. I am aware of the TED lectures but never have the time to sit and listen so listening in the studio is a great idea. I’ll try that. Thanks Ró

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