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colimore harbour at dusk & dancing in the rain

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colimore harbour at dusk

A change of pace again today! Those of you from about these parts will know this scene well. It’s Colimore Harbour in Dalkey just down the road from where my Dad and my Mum grew up. It’s a familiar view but the reference photos for this painting were taken in the last light of the day by my uncle Roddie and were strikingly unusual. The photo is not great as I stupidly forgot to photograph it before it was framed. So this was the best I could do trough glass!

Colimore Harbour at Dusk 10×8 inches oil on canvas

[singlepic id=878 w=400 h=400 float=] that’s not me by the way!

dancing in the rain

The kids are back to school this week. It’s been a good three week break (thanks to the snow closures) but I didn’t really feel the benefit until the last week. Christmas over, back to work but the kids were still off so I didn’t have to contend with their busy schedule on top of my own. It’s great to get a chance to catch your breath before the madness of term time/work begins again.

This year will be harder financially that ever before but it looks to be an exciting one creatively. I don’t know if you do resolutions, I don’t really, but in so much as I have some general aims they would probably be

  • to simplify my life wherever possible
  • to ruthlessly cut spending on the things that matter to be able to spend a little where it does.
  • to keep regular exercise as a priority for me
  • to let go of the stuff I’m not able to do

These are undoubtedly hard times but I heard a lovely saying the other day that I have taken to heart.

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found: makoub


  • You leave me with beautiful words. It’s inspiring to hear your zeal. I have a feeling great things will be coming your way. Your determination will make it happen.

    And if not, at least we can always entertain ourselves and remain happy behind our easels!

  • Hi Ró….. Colimore is still taking my breath away…. saying it’s a stunning painting does not begin to describe it….. genius starts to get there !!! Love today’s “Goya’s Room” too. Lots of love xx PS… a glassless pic can be organised !!

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