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you may wait here & things are getting worse, please send chocolate!

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you may wait here

I’m imagining a rather stern and old fashioned housekeeper ushering you into this room to wait for the Doctor! He’s a warmhearted old fool with a sense of humor and she firmly believes that she is all that stands between him and folly!

You may wait here 24×24 inches oil on stretched canvas

things are getting worse, please send chocolate

It’s the canvas situation! Well mostly it’s the canvas situation. You know I ordered some on Thursday from Dublin city (due Friday) and just to be sure also from Cork (due Friday/Monday) and just to be sure, to be sure, from down the road (pick up Monday).  Still no canvases this morning.

To make things worse I have a sick child (very high temp) and -4 (very low temp) with snow and ice outside. But non sick child still had to get to school so there was nothing for it but to bundle sick child in blankets into car, drop well child to school and go pick up canvases.

After discommoding my sick child in this way you can imagine what my face looked like when the 18 year old (I’m only doing this for beer money) assistant couldn’t even remember telling me that the canvases would be ready to collect on Monday morning.

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source: david barrie

Anyway, the silver lining is that I was forced to paint an intimidatingly large canvas (80cm/32inches square) today. It was all that was left!  It’s too dark to photo so I’ll post it Wedenesday.


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