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st. james’s place & no need to panic

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St. James’s Place

I’m head tooth and claws into the next phase of interiors. This one is the first of a big series but I will have the odd still life thrown into the mix so hopefully you won’t get too bored. 

St. James’s Place 24 x24 inch oil on stretched canvas.

no need to panic

You’ll be glad to know I’m back on an even keel today without loss of life or limb to any of those in close proximity. I’ve also discovered the solution of coping better with the Christmas rush – buy less stuff! Who knew!

Unfortunately this doesn’t apply to art materials. I am preparing for a couple of shows (I’ll tell all soon, but not yet cause ya’know I like to keep you hanging!) anyway I’m on a very tight schedule and need to paint 3-4 large paintings a week for the next two months or so to get me to 35 paintings by St. Valentine’s Day. That should keep me out of mischief!

All good, except that yesterday I noticed I have only a couple of large canvases left. Usually not a problem, no need to panic, but for the fact that there’s a band of snow making it’s way across the country and it’s said to be the worst in years! I am not worried about being snowed in a week at home with the kids so long as I can keep working!

I spent yesterday morning cajoling (read begging) various art suppliers to deliver before the snow and today I am waiting! …. Ok so, panicing a little now!

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sorce: don’t press this key.. yet!


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