satusma sunshine & snow angels

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satsuma sunshine

I needed a bit of warmth and these Satsumas are as warm as it’s gonna get here this week. 8×8 oil on canvas bord.

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snow angels

The snow has been a welcome relief from the constant bad news here. Of course it’s grinding the country to a halt and economically that’s like another slap to a man already down but apart from how beautiful it makes everything seem, it does also have the effect of bringing out the best in us. I know that in itself is a cliche but that makes it all the more touching to see it happen.

Last night a woman was stuck sliding in her car on Lesson Bridge. A guy in a big car behind stopped, got out and pushed her car across the bridge on his own. It was Brian O’Driscoll (probably Ireland’s most famous Rugby player). Not too posh to push then!

Here in our estate (neighbourhood) people have been out helping each other, digging snow, pushing cars, spreading grit. God, it’s good to see. It makes you feel like everything will be OK in the world!

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down at the seafront


  • They look good enough to eat :)

    And they say the act of chivalry is dead, I’m almost tempted to get on the ferry and slide on the Lesson Bridge just too see who would come to my rescue LOL

  • brrrr–it does look quite cold! I’m glad there is some silver lining to the troubles going on there right now–it was like that after 9/11 here–everyone seemed to be on the same side and wanting to roll up their sleeves and work together. It’s the way things should always be–too bad it’s hard times that make it come through. Stay warm and enjoy throwing some snowballs for us Central Texas folks!

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