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Portrait #3 & walking on thin ice

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This is my third portrait and rather than get easier it was by far the hardest yet. It didn’t help that the two photos that I was using for reference didn’t capture the essence of the subject (a ridiculous way of saying that they really didn’t look like her!). I’m really not trying to make excuses as I’m happy with the progress – just not there yet. It’s incredibly how easy some artists can make this look.

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source: Jüjü Trinckü

walking on thin ice

The kids are back to school today (thanks be to God and all that’s holy!) The big freeze is still going on but it has stopped snowing so it’s just the ice and the -17 to -4 temperatures to deal with – don’t I sound like an old hand! I think we’re doing pretty good though as most of the country seems to be functioning even if on half speed.  Meanwhile I need to get the finger out and make up for last week’s go slow while I had three kids under my feet!


  • Get the finger out? lol We had this expression in french… As a child, I heard it many times from my mother.

    I think you did a great job on your portrait. Don’t give up!

    • That’s hilarious Susan, I had to read read that post to see. I wasn’t even aware that I had used that expression. These things just become second nature.

  • Portraits are difficult, but yours look like it was easy. I LOVE this and your other two. Your brush strokes are beautiful and deliberate and your color palette is lovely, especially with the warm and cool skin tones. VERY nice!

  • This is really good- I like the expression and the skin tones are good. You/none of us can compare ourselves to anyone else much less Karin- I got to do her workshop a month ago and it was phenomenal! Karin encouraged each of us to paint like ourselves though-
    You are good! Love your blog.

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