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one, two, three & a Christmas guest that won’t leave

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I’m working away on the large interior paintings (15 of 35 done!) but I thought you might like a bit of variety so here is a still life I did special just for you! This is one of the larger ones, it’s 16×16 inches and it’s called One,two,three. I know, but I couldn’t do any better at the time!

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source: opalineskies

a Christmas guest that won’t leave

I’ve been feeling a little depleted after the run up to Christmas. Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas and the food, and Santa, and the family and friends but what just pushed me over the edge was one guest who just simply will not leave. At first I was hospitable and attentive but the time was now come! He plagued first my partner Rob and then each one of the kids before stalking me. I was fine with this until Christmas Day when this uninvited guest, with the house manners of a troll, decided to take up home in my chest and preceded to make himself heard in the manner of a donkey braeing from my mouth!

You can imagine my indignation when after giving this creature two days on the couch (with cat) he decided that it was not quite time to go! Life goes on, I have work to do, a life to lead  (really I do) but no, my “chest guest” is quite comfortable and will not heed any polite suggestions that he might like to visit someone else now. If he is still here in the morning the gloves are off, definitely – I may even have to have words!


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