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waiting room & keep calm and have faith

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waiting room

One of the new series of interiors that I have been working on. 24×24 inch oil on canvas.

keep calm and have faith

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I woke up cold and unsettled about 5am this morning from a nightmare. Something about the city in the throws of some kind of major disaster and there were looters/zombies/boogie-men outside. Then I listened to the early news and I could feel the panic starting to rise. Of course we all know how the country got here, but it still seems inconceivable that it has got this bad. That the IMF and EMF could be outside the door.

The only way to move at all is to make a conscious choice to remember that we have seen hard times before. That with hard work and creativity and by looking after each other it will be alright. (maybe not all rosey in the garden but alright)

So I’m turning off the talk radio for most of the day these days and concentrating on my work, and my family and my friends.

The Irish Times had a piece today- 50 things we still love about Ireland

They asked people to tweet they’re favourites and here are just a few of them

  • @dcbedwards  – knowing all your cousins 4 times removed and being shamed by your mother for not knowing all their kids too
  • @furlo – Looking like Quasimodo but still being able to charm the pants off a beautiful foreigner due to the accent
  • @thebrieparty – The fact that we don’t have to pay for royal weddings
  •  @foges70 – All the ailments that can be treated by putting the kettle on
  • @rubot – First country in the world to ban smoking in pubs
  •  @irishmarinelife – Best surf in the world, and nobody believing you
  •  @levdavidovic – Fellas with no teeth on Winning Streak
  •  @deatonm – No killer spiders, box jellyfish, great white sharks, snakes or other dangerous animals.
  •  @louiseholohan  – Never letting the truth get in the way of a good story
  •  @colettecaddle – Laughing at our misfortunes even when it looks like the boat might be ………. glug glug


  • I stopped watching the news a long time ago because I would find myself in a panic and absolutely nothing that I can do about it. So these days…I pray…and I paint….

  • Hi Ro,
    Yes it is all a bit painful to hear and to read. I can’t help feeling that the things are important are still important – such as love, kindness, family… and so on. Hey, and these things aren’t expensive either :-)
    Lots of love,

  • The Irish have a way with words! I suppose that can fall under not letting the truth get in the way of a good story. But seriously, just that statement is an interesting use of words…

    To be fair, life it tough everywhere these days. Stay creative, laugh and love, hug your family and you will be fine.

  • First, I have to say I LOVE your interior paintings!

    Talk radio over here, at least in my opinion, makes things worse so I only listen to it rarely. I don’t like the “fear factor” that is always there. So concentrate on those 50 favorite things to like about Ireland (fantastic!), spend time with family, friends, your easel and some good music! :-)

    • Thanks Linda, I’m doing four a week so It’s hard going to keep up but I’m loving it and they seem to be selling so that always good, especially in this ecomomy. What do you listen to? I listen to Radio Paradise on the t’internet but could do with a few (non talk) alternatives. Ró

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