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underused word of the day & 26 mount pleasant

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26 Mount Pleasant

One of the very first of the interiors series. It’s 24×24 inches, oil on canvas.

under used word of the day

I thought you might like to incorporate this underused word into your day, particularly if you are planing to meet someone from the banking sector later!

Underused Word of the Day.

Grandiloquent: (adj)

Pompous or extravagant in language, style or manner, especially in a way that is intended to impress.

Thesaurus: bombastic, ostentatious, florid

His grandiloquent speech didn’t serve its purpose – the audience still seemed to believe that he was a fine specimen of lying swine.


  • Hi Ró …. just revisited your ‘my story’ and enjoyed the overview of your journey so far!

    You inspire me …. yes, time I got off my butt to grab a brush (the one for having fun with on paper/ canvas).

    May you continue to go ‘wheeeee’ on the crest of the wave of the life you are creating wonderfully!
    patrisha mum

  • I love your painting of the P Brawley store with the old man out in front.
    One which I saw in your e-mail posting today was a landscape of a lake with people in front, mountain behind, and clouds. It was 8″ x 8″. That was incredible!
    You are an inspiration.

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